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The Best Always Lies Ahead

Feel like it's too late to do much about your health? It's not!

Dorothy showed us how. 

In her early 70s, facing the same genetic heart condition that claimed her siblings' lives in their early 70s, she dramatically improved her health and lived until she was 95.

She made simple changes. She created 9 rules she followed each day, focused on eating clean, moving, relationships, and learning.

She learned food was medicine and remarkable things happen if you eat real, whole food and make simple changes. We can't promise anything, but this approach worked for my Mom, and it's working for me. Best of all, these changes aren't extreme, time-intensive, or expensive. 

We decided to bring one of the foods she ate almost every morning into the world. Dorothy's Power Gruel™ delivers the protein, fiber, and nutrients your body naturally wants.

Now, you may be saying "I already eat oatmeal every day! What's the difference?" Dorothy's Power Gruel™ has far more nutrients per bite than a bowl of oats, rice, or quinoa. Look at this nutrition label and compare it to other bowls of grains.


Our Promise.

Dorothy's Power Gruel is a whole, super-nutritious food that tastes good, and you'll feel full when you're done. It is a part of small changes that lead to a balanced, enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle. If you disagree that it keeps you feeling full, more energetic, and improves your digestion, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Buy DIY Kit or the Gruelnola™ (Shipped to any US Address).

When you order our DIY kit, you'll receive a 100% recyclable box with five bowls of pre-measured grains and instructions. It takes about 45 minutes from  start to finish and you can use the bowls to store the Power Gruel™ once it's made!

When you order the Gruelnola™, it also comes in a 100% recyclable box and is individually packaged in compostable cellophane bags. 


Special for First-Time Customers

We know you’ll love Dorothy’s Power Gruel after you try it, so here are special offers for first-time customers.

  1. For first-time customers: Get $10 off any order with the discount code FIRST.
  2. Try our Gruenola™: you can also apply the discount code FIRST to save $10!