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Simple Changes

If you are reading this, it's because you've learned you MUST to do something about your health, like lower your blood pressure and/or cholesterol. Maybe it wasn't that serious before, but now it's real. Does this sound familiar?

  • You are inundated with diets, supplements, extreme exercise routines, and guilt-trips. Maybe you've even tried some and gave up because they were too much (and too expensive). 🙋‍♂️
  • You want to enjoy life, eat real (tasty) food and do things you enjoy.
  • You want to support the people in your community.

My Mom, Dorothy Stones, transformed her health in her early 70s after learning she had the same heart condition that claimed her siblings in their early 70s. She lived to age 95. 

She knew food was medicine, and remarkable things happen if you just return to eating real, whole, healthy food and make some simple lifestyle changes. We can't promise anything, but this approach worked for my Mom, and it's working for me (I have the same heart condition). Best of all, these simple changes don't have to be extreme, time-intensive, or expensive. Here's where to start:

  1. Cut out processed food:
    This is the big one. Fast food, food in a box, diet foods, etc. It's sucks because we like fast, convenient food (and it tastes good). But the more convenient and processed, the unhealthier it is. Guess what? You'll stop craving it once you replace it with healthy, nutritious food.
  2. Eat Dorothy's Power Gruel™
    Five times throughout the week, as a meal or a side dish. If you want to make it yourself, you can order our DIY kit or the ingredients and instructions are on the site.
  3. Read my Mom's 9 rules
    Try to apply them each day, even add your own!
  4. Just do this for two weeks and see what happens!
    You'll notice a difference in energy, how you feel, and your digestive system.😬

Dorothy's Power Gruel™ delivers the protein, fiber, and nutrients your body naturally wants, with far more nutrients per bite than a typical oats, rice, or quinoa serving. Just look at this nutrition label and compare it to a typical bowl of oats!

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Buy it frozen, ready to warm up and eat (IN KC THROUGH OUR SITE OR MARKET WAGON, IN ST. LOUIS THROUGH MARKET WAGON ONLY), or buy the ingredients to DIY (SHIPPED TO ANY US ADDRESS).

You can buy our Gruenola™ as well, our clean version of granola based on The Gruel™. You can buy the Gruelnola™ online from any zip code in the US.

Our Promise.

Dorothy’s Power Gruel is real, super-nutritious food that tastes good, and you’ll feel full when you’re done eating. It is a part of the small changes that lead to a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle. If you don’t agree that it keeps you feeling filled through the morning, feeling more energetic, and improves your digestion, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

And to show how committed we are to this, you can go on our site and see the recipe and how to make The Gruel™. The more people that start eating clean, whole foods, the better. That's what we care about. 

Special for First-Time Customers

Dorothy's Power Gruel Special 2-pack offer

We know you’ll love Dorothy’s Power Gruel after you try it, so we created some special offers for our first-time customers.

  1. For Kansas City first-time customers: A 2-pack delivered FREE, right to home or office. Save $10 on your first purchase with the discount code FIRST - that's over 80% off the regular 2-pack price!

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