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Energize your morning routines with Dorothy's Power Gruel!

Dorothy's Power Gruel

You reduce stress in an unpredictable world by creating routines in your day that bring order to the chaos. But they can be hard to maintain if they don’t change. 

Dorothy's Power Gruel will energize your morning routines. Made with wholesome ancient grains and seeds, it's a power-packed canvas for creating customized, nutritious meals using the fruits, milks, nuts, or other toppings you already have. That flexibility keeps breakfast interesting and gives you the energy to take on the day!


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It is not your typical bowl of oats.

We often hear "Is this different from what I can pick up at the grocery store?" Dorothy's Power Gruel isn't like store-bought oats, and you can see just by looking at the labels.

Hot cereals on store shelves are usually packaged in plastic and processed to extend shelf-life and allow one cooking time for all the grains. Remember one basic lesson: more processing means less nutritional value. In these products, you'll see poorer quality grains, added sugars, fillers and preservatives. Not in Dorothy's Power Gruel.

Compare with this ‘healthy’ hot cereal found at Whole Foods.

Compare labels

Dorothy's Power Gruel has more of the good stuff and none of the bad. It's zero trans fat, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, no added sugars, no fillers, no artificial chemicals or preservatives. It's an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein, and a good source of iron. And look at the serving size. A typical instant hot cereal cup is less than 3 ounces. A serving of Dorothy's Power Gruel is 8 ounces – it fills you up and keeps you going!

Check out all the recipes our customers are sharing

You'll be amazed at the creativity and passion our customers and
team have shown in sharing different ways to prepare the gruel! Whether it sweet, savory, creamy, or nutty, there is a recipe for you that keeps the gruel fresh and interesting every single morning. That's important in maintaining a routine. And most of the receipes can use the food you have right in your fridge, one small way to help reduce food waste.

Our Promise.

Dorothy’s Power Gruel is real food that tastes good, and you’ll feel full when you’re done eating. It’s a part of the small changes that lead to a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle. If you don’t agree that it keeps you feeling filled through the morning, feeling more energetic, and improves your digestion, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Special for First-Time Customers.

Dorothy's Power Gruel Special 2-pack offer

We know you’ll love Dorothy’s Power Gruel after you try it, so we created a special 2-pack for first-time customers — delivered FREE, right to your home or office. Save $10 on your first purchase with the discount code FIRST - that's 50% off the regular 2-pack price. (You can also apply that discount code to the 5-pack or 10-pack and save $10).