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It is never to late to transform your health!

Research continues to find that it is urgent that we remove processed foods from our diet as and replace them with whole foods whenever we can. 

It's urgent because processed food negatively impacts our health, especially our cognitive health as we age. If you are over the age of 50, it's not too late. It's possible to significantly improve your health by making a few simple changes. 

Why do we believe this? In her early 70's, my Mom (Dorothy) discovered she suffered from the genetic heart condition that claimed the lives of her siblings in their 70's. Rather than accept that fate, she researched the condition and how to prolong her life.

She learned how food is medicine. By making simple changes to her diet and following 9 rules each day, she lived a full life until she was 95 - both mentally and physcially sharp. She was completely convinced anyone could do this.

A foundation of her diet was a bowl of grains and seeds she ate every single morning, which we affectionately nicknamed "The Gruel." Dorothy's Power Gruel is a clean, nutritious food that delivers what our bodies naturally want and need for optimal health. It's far more nutritious than a typical bowl of grains, with no additives or preservatives and ingredients are certified organic,

Dorothy's Power Gruel

    With 14g of protein, 8g of dietary fiber (a great source of prebiotics!), and an amazing nutritional profile (not to mention a long list of known health benefits), you won't find another bowl of grains like it. Want more protein? There is a growing list of delicious, creative and healthy recipes that let you customize The Gruel™ to meet your taste or nutitional needs. 

    Just look at this nutrition label. It's one small change you can start with on your journey to remain sharp and active your whole life!

    Be sure to scroll down to see the special offer for first-time customers!


    Buy it frozen, ready to warm up and eat (KANSAS CITY ONLY), or buy the ingredients to DIY (SHIPPED TO ANY US ADDRESS).

    You can buy it frozen, ready to warm up and eat, and delivered to your door at a time that’s convenient for you (In Kansas City only). Or, if you like to cook, we offer a DIY kit with pre-measured ingredients to make five servings (any US address).

    Compare with this ‘healthy’ hot cereal found at Whole Foods.

    Compare labels

    Dorothy's Power Gruel has more of the good stuff and none of the bad. It's zero trans fat, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, no added sugars, no fillers, no artificial chemicals or preservatives. It's an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein, and a good source of iron. And look at the serving size. A typical instant hot cereal cup is less than 3 ounces. A serving of Dorothy's Power Gruel is 8 ounces – it fills you up and keeps you going!

    Check out all the recipes our customers are sharing

    You'll be amazed at the creativity and passion our customers and team show in sharing different ways to prepare the gruel! Whether you like it sweet, savory, creamy, or nutty, there is a recipe for you that keeps the gruel fresh and interesting every single time. That's important in staying with a healthy lifestyle. And most of the receipes can use the food you have right in your fridge, one small way to help reduce food waste.

    Our Promise.

    Dorothy’s Power Gruel is real food that tastes good, and you’ll feel full when you’re done eating. It is a part of the small changes that lead to a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle. If you don’t agree that it keeps you feeling filled through the morning, feeling more energetic, and improves your digestion, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

    And to show how committed we are to this, you can go on our site and see the recipe and how to make The Gruel™. The more people that start eating clean, whole foods, the better. That's really what we care about. 

    Special for First-Time Customers

    Dorothy's Power Gruel Special 2-pack offer

    We know you’ll love Dorothy’s Power Gruel after you try it, so we created some special offers for our first-time customers.

    1. For Kansas City first-time customers: A 2-pack delivered FREE, right to home or office. Save $10 on your first purchase with the discount code FIRST - that's over 80% off the regular 2-pack price!

    2. For first-time customers who live outside of Kansas City: you can also apply the discount code FIRST to the DIY kit and save $10!