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On Your Health, Take C.A.R.E

On Your Health, Take C.A.R.E

We’re building a food company, so of course, it makes sense that I’m a huge proponent of “food is medicine.” Your decisions around the food you eat are tremendously crucial in achieving and maintaining good health. As the saying goes, “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.” But we’ve actually started emphasizing that it’s not just about food.

In the United States, truth be told, we are always looking for a quick and straightforward fix. A pill to take, a diet to follow, a new superfood, a HIIT workout that will change your life. Sometimes we do these things all together, and it ends up being too much. We burn out on too many extremes at the same time. We are only human, after all.

Your best health rarely comes from one big thing (the silver bullet, usually with a price tag). It won’t usually come from only having the discipline and willpower to push yourself (shaming). While those approaches work for a few people, most of us are exhausted by the extremes. What works is doing many small things consistently and just making progress. 

My Mom called them her “9 rules for living each day,” and she had written them on a list and had it sitting on her nightstand. She read them every morning when she woke up, and I can attest she did these nine things. I witnessed the singing and humming. 

Nine things is a lot to remember, so being the strategist I am, I’ve condensed them down into four themes to C.A.R.E. about. 

  • Eat Clean: Eat foods high in nutrients, fiber-rich, and organic whenever you can.

  • Be Active: Walk, yoga, garden, clean, whatever you like. It’s not about extremes; just move.

  • Build Relationships: Plan time for talking to others, eating with them, sharing stories.

  • Keep lEarning: Never stop learning. Try to learn something every day.

Notice that none of these are over-the-top, require going to a gym, or demand only your strongest willpower, discipline, or effort. Instead, these small actions are about consistency, gratitude, and being present when you do something. That’s it. Stop worrying about the extremes.

So as important as food is, as is often said, it’s the journey, not the destination. If we work to do these things a little every day, not only will our health, our lives, and our work improve, but what an incredible journey it will be.

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Ron Miesner - February 16, 2022

I like this story about your Mom. Question, where are her nine rules. I would like to follow them. I clicked on the highlighted link but they are not there ??

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