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KC Foodways™

KC Foodways™

I've often heard that dreams remain dreams until you speak them out loud. Well, we're taking that to heart and sharing something we're starting.

We are going through a difficult time with food across the spectrum. Growing our crops regeneratively is daunting, the supply chain is strained, and prices keep going up at retail.

This morning, I just read that 95% of households are making changes to their budgets due to inflation, driven partly by food price increases (it's all related, frankly). It's across the board - every food type, every category, every channel.
It's all part of the significant change in our food system. It is not going to just return to "normal." Our growers, supply chains, stores, restaurants, and kitchens have to approach food differently. And there will not be a "new normal" (I dislike that phrase). It's going to constantly be evolving - just like our food does.

It's fortunate to be a large company in situations like this. You have deeper pockets and can often weather any storm. But when you're small and local, it's not so easy. You don't have the reserves to be able to absorb losses for an extended period. Small, local food companies don't have that luxury and must be agile, make adjustments, and constantly redesign their business. How do you do that?

A lot of support systems for local food companies have disappeared. So we're going to create a community called "KC Foodways." It's going to be for Kansas City's small food companies. Designed to share the stories of our remarkable small food makers, support each other in our journies, build tools and systems that we can all use, and most importantly, restore local food to its rightful place in our foodways system. If it works here, we'll help another city start its own.

We're just getting started. If you have any thoughts about this, reach out to us. We'd love to hear your ideas and stories!

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