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The 10 Laws of Nature All Humans Must Live By

The 10 Laws of Nature All Humans Must Live By

I had a fantastic conversation with Don Reck recently, a man who has been involved in sustainability in the Kansas City area for many years. Many of the suggestions and recommendations made by "experts" today were ideas and hopes Don (and others) expressed, wrote, and tried to implement years ago. As I was describing to him what I saw as the problem with our current food system, how food needed to return to being local, and what was preventing it, he smiled knowingly (and a little sadly) and said, 

"Ah, you are talking about food hubs. I did a feasibility study on that years ago, and we tried to implement it. It failed when those overseeing it couldn't agree on how it should run." 

It reminded me of something I've learned over my career. No matter how unique an idea you think you have, ten other people have thought of it and tried it. OK, that's a guess, but you get my point. I felt pretty humbled when reminded that this remarkable epiphany I thought I had was simply an updated idea built on the shoulders of others.

As we talked, he shared that he had compiled a list of "10 Laws of Nature" from across his reading, laws that we as humans need to live by. I asked him to share it with me, and I'm posting them here for you. More to come on each one, but these comprise a powerful litmus test for our actions. They are immutable. They don't care how smart or clever we humans think we are. As the old Yiddish saying goes, "Man plans, and God laughs." 

As we proceed to build Dorothy's Power Foods toward our overarching mission of restoring the food system to its local roots, these will be our guides. Our North Star. Our own criteria for the decisions we make.

I hope they are as impactful to you as they are to me. In this blog entry, no meaningful closing statement, no catchy phrase for you to remember. Just learn and apply the laws to all aspects of your life.

I think Dorothy would have liked these.

10 Laws of Nature humans must learn to live by:

  1. Nature Rewards Adaptation
  2. Nature Runs on Current Sunlight
  3. Everything in Nature is Connected
  4. Nature Curbs Excess from Within
  5. Nature Uses Only the Energy it Needs
  6. Nature Acts Locally with Rippling Effects
  7. Nature Favors Diversity
  8. There is No Waste in Nature
  9. Nature Acts Without Judgement
  10. Nature Rewards Cooperation
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