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You know, when I ordered Dorothy's Power Gruel it I was going to give one of the sleeves to my in-laws. After trying it, now I'm not going to because I'm going to keep them all for myself!


DPG is my favorite breakfast. It’s convenient to prepare and flexible enough to be a different meal every time. It’s also the perfect portion size to feel full but ready to attack the day with a burst of natural sustainable energy instead of being ready to go back to bed.


Had a big bowl of gruel this morning! Swear it put me in a better mood 🙌


I love the Power Gruel! The convenient container makes it easy to fix every morning. Tastes great with almond milk, berries, nuts, honey, but I'm sure it would be good by itself too. Besides tasting good, I know I'm putting something really healthy in my body - I've already noticed a very positive change in my digestive system. This is my new go-to breakfast! 


I've always had the bad habit of skipping breakfast. Things are too sweet or take too much time. But Dorothy's Power Gruel is fantastic, whether I want something savory or a little sweet. I really do love the flavor, the texture, and the versatility. It can stand on its own or as my base for creativity. Love this stuff.


This has become the food that fuels my day. It’s really filling and I've been able to tell a big difference in my energy level. I even eat for an occasional lunch or dinner. It’s super healthy with lots of protein, fiber and nutrients. It's also cool that is it’s local, made and delivered right here in Kansas City, so it’s really fresh.


Thought this was very healthy and so handy! I added some walnuts, a little agave nectar, and a little milk. Great product!


I've actually loved the last couple mornings. Knowing you're starting with a really wholesome blank canvas flavor-wise, you can kind of throw whatever you have in the fridge at it. My mind is racing with possibilities.


I always tried to eat healthy and Dorthy’s Power Foods has helped me take it to the next level.


A couple of months ago my wife ordered something called “Dorothy’s Power Gruel”. I had never heard of it before. In fact, I had never eaten gruel before, so I was a little skeptical. Eventually I did try it and, to be honest, I haven’t stopped eating it since. We’ve reordered four times since then. 


My family loves this product. We have placed orders several times. It’s healthy and easy to use just as is or to mix into recipes. I personally eat it every morning with fruit and Greek yogurt. And we love knowing that we are supporting a local Kansas City small business. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?!?


Through a recommendation I stumbled on Dorothy’s Power Foods a couple of weeks ago. Completely blown away by how good the Power Gruel tastes - It’s now a daily meal that I can toss in some protein for breakfast or mix it with some fresh berries for an afternoon snack. Having it delivered straight to my door is super convenient!


This kit is awesome. The instructions are easy to follow and the options to customize for sweet or savory are endless.


I tried this product this morning and it's great! I love that it is all whole, real foods and contains NO preservatives! I added dried figs and almond milk this morning and enjoyed every bite. I am looking forward to enjoying the second bowl I purchased and will be buying more in the future. Thanks!


This is absolutely wonderful, especially with the bulgarian rose yogurt that is also offered thru market wagon!

Barbara P

I LOVED the Gruelnola. I tried it on a whim when I decided I needed to change my snack habits. It’s the perfect amount of crunchy for a TV snack. So I ordered more and this time I added dried cranberries and mixed nuts. So good! Only downside is my husband discovered my stash and is adding it to his Greek yogurt, so I guess I’ll have to share.


Our Promise

All our products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For example, we're confident that Dorothy’s Power Gruel™ and our Power Gruelnola™ will quench your appetite, boost your energy and improve your digestion. If it doesn't, contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.

Why I Started Dorothy's Power Foods

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